All Your Need to Know About AC Routers

by Donna Moffett 09/19/2021

If you're looking for a new router, chances are that you're wanting to get back online as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to navigate the sheer quantity of numbers, letters and specs printed on the side of each box. The choices can seem overwhelming.

The AC standard in routers has become more the rule than the exception because the technology is faster, more reliable and easier to use. If you're considering an upgrade, use this short guide to understand more about the technology and why it's worth the investment.

Less Interference

An AC router is designed to function on a higher frequency, meaning the speed can't be bogged down by other devices that may use the signal. It also allows for more spectral bandwidth, which means you won't have to cringe every time you download a big file. AC routers aren't one-size-fits-all, though. There are different kinds designed for different applications. However, the idea is that you're improving the signal to your devices and allowing for faster transmission across the board.

Better Compatibility

AC router manufacturers took into account that while their device might be new, the devices that you're pairing it with are not. So if you're worried your old tablet is likely to resist the signal, you should know that AC routers are designed to be compatible with the older standards. Just take note that there are some exceptions and that optimum performance will only be achieved if you pair it with an AC-compatible device.

Reduced Competition

Increased internet usage at home has pushed the limits everywhere. With so many people trying to work from home, connectivity slowed to a veritable crawl in some neighborhoods. AC routers can't solve for all traffic, but they're designed to keep you online even when everyone else around you is. There are also dual-band routers available, which give you the option to split devices into two different spectrums if needed. This way, using multiple devices in one room won't interrupt a streaming service in another room.

Stronger Speeds

The speed of a router can be controlled to a certain extent, but is ultimately dependent on the conditions of your home. AC routers promise some truly remarkable speeds and the reality can be disappointing if your home is not designed well for it. However, even with inevitable slow-downs, AC routers are still exceptionally fast and markedly better than the previous generations of routers.

Why Buy an AC Router?

Even those who don't use their devices very often should look into an AC router, simply because it's become such a universal standard. If you want to upgrade your technology at some point, you're going to want a device that can keep up with the changes. Many people with home automation devices will use AC routers because they're reliable enough to support devices like smart thermostats or security systems. Those who want to either want to improve their experience now or allow for the possibility in the future should consider what an AC router can do for them.

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